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Dragon [SoRM] FounderUpdate, I have regained access to the account.
Dragonslayer10FYI my enjin account was hacked. I am in the process of regaining my account. As of right now it looks like no information has been compromised.
~ Thanks Dragon
Alvestam Member  created a new thread long time no seige in the Arma 3 Exile-Altis-PvE forum
Bubblebutt AdminHey guys! hows it going?? sorry for disappearing out of thin air. Its because, I've been gone to the dark side of World Of Warcraft again .. lol hope everyone's doing alright though
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Dragon [SoRM] Founder  Yay another WoW player!!!! =) I just might have to resub ;)
Bubblebutt Admin  HAHAHA yeah, the new content is kindda nice though.. better than WoD imo but everythings all about ilvl and raids are more mechanic based
which ups the challenge!
Officer Boris Member  registered to SoRM Gaming
Mjr Malfunction Member  registered to SoRM Gaming
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Dragon [SoRM] FounderHappy Birfday Dark!!!!
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Jason Bourne AdminHow's it going for everyone? Haven't seen or heard from anyone here lately. I also noticed the server not showing up, has it been taken down?
Dragon [SoRM] Founder  Just been busy between working and playing some new games from the summer steam sale. Been busy looking for a new home as well! The server is still there it was down for a day or two but it has been back online since. (Are you using A3 or the Arma Launcher?)
Jason Bourne Admin  a3l
stickman3445 Member  i lost interest in arma after losing everything might come back at some point but otherwise me and yeck play other games lol
Dragon [SoRM] FounderHappy Birthday Broskif!
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Jason Bourne AdminI have been reading and noticing it has been issue's with arma itself. There seems to be a fix for it but i am not able to do it as i don't have access to the server itself. If possible, plz send dragon and Darkwryn a private message as there are the only ones able to fix this major issue. If u don't get them within 24 hrs, plz be patient as they do have jobs and will be hard to get on at certain times. Thank you for all the pic's and bug reporting as the SoRM Staff will get the issue's resolved ASAP. Thank You and sorry for the inconvenience guys and i will replace all vehicles lost after the fix. I suggest to drive some cheap vehicles till then if possible.
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